Bank Employee Association System

Project Front End: PHP 5.2

Project Back End: MySQL 5.5.32

Project extension: php

No. of Pages: 42 pages

No. of Tables: 10

What do you need to run this project?

Install XAMPP with Apache and MySQL Database Server

IDE : Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad++

Steps to configure this Project?

Kindly follow these steps properly to install and configure this project.

  1. Download the project. Download link is there in the bottom.
  2. Kindly install winzip or winrar to your pc to extract this project. If already installed then extract the .rar project file.
  3. Copy all the files under xampp -> htdocs folder
  4. The database backup is there in the DatabaseBackup folder. In the browser goto http://localhost/phpmyadmin.
  5. Create new Database employee_association then import employee_association.sql database.
  6. Configure database connection in dbconnection.php



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