Job Portal

Online Job Portal System is developed such that Job Seeker can search various jobs and apply for the same. Moreover Employers can also post the details of job vacancies and Walkin Interview on the Job Portal.

Administrator Administrator can manage Employer as well as Job Seeker. Administrator can manage News and View Feedback given by Job Seeker and Employers.
Employer Employer can post Job Vacancies and Walkin Interview. Employer can view Applications as well as Bio data of Job Seeker and Send Them Call Later.
Job Seeker Job Seeker can Manage His/Her Bio data. Job Seeker can search various Jobs and also apply for the same.
Administrator (1) Confirm/Reject Employer Registration.
(2) Confirm/Reject Job Seeker Registration
(3) Manage News
(4) View Feedback From Job Seeker.
Employer (1) Post Job.
(2) Post Walkin Interview.
(3) View Job Applications.
(4) Send Call Latter.
Job Seeker (1) Manage Personal Profile.
(2) Manage Educational Information.
(3) Search Job.
(4) Apply For Job.
(5) Give Feedback.