Online Book Shop

The bookstore application keeps a large amount of books. Each book is identified by ISBN. For each book, the bookstore also needs to record its authors’ names, title, edition, year, category, publisher, quantity-in-stock, and price. These informations are provided online to make a digital store for the consumers. One customer can place any number of orders. For each order, the bookstore needs to record who places this order, when, the order status, total price, shipping address, payment method, bill address, and ordered books. Currently for payment method, it defined only accepts credit card, hence the bookstore needs to record credit card information.

Customers can also manage their shopping carts. One customer can have any number of shopping carts. However, each shopping cart has exactly one customer. The shopping cart contains the following info: cart-ID, name, date-created, date-last-updated, books contained in this shopping cart, etc. Thus the project is an interactive online bookstore with online payment gateway systems.