GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System

The idea of the developing the GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System is to provide support for the new post-paid meters, managed remotely by SMS based on GSM, having dual digital display, by LED and numerical wheel display. This application also provides a facility for the customers like online bill payment.

GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing System

It is particularly applicable for developing and underdeveloped countries where such a post-payment solution may be desirable. It can solve all the standard business problems existing in operation and maintenance of utilities that use a post payment system. Our current system provides communication only through SMS messages. Later if we want we can use emails etc for communication.

Project Title: GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing

Software Requirements :

Programming Language           :         Java

Web Applications                     :         JDBC, JNDI, STRUTS

Database                                  :         Oracle/Access

Server Deployment                  :         WebShpere/Tomcat

Download project code: