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We will provide competitive prices and rates for business web site design, development, hosting and maintenance.

What services will your site need to provide?
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  • Hotel profile
  • Contact / Info request or Feedback form
  • Logo, Banner or other graphic design
  • News / Announcements
  • Flash intro or other animation
  • Event calendar
  • Notices
  • Prospectus
  • Map and driving directions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Downloadable / Printable documents
  • Password protected Admin Panel

Website Objectives

Department of development is working towards the design, development and maintenance of websites.
The objectives of the websites are:

  • To register a domain for each Hotel .
  • To provide a fix content management system for each Hotel
  • To display information about Hotel as per guidelines
  • To present an appealing and optimized website
  • To publish articles, events and news and any other information related to Hotel
  • Easy to navigate, Picture gallery should be there on website.
  • Link to the department website
  • Link for email


Overall design should optimize the identity, accessibility, usability and distribution of content. Thus, the following will be taken into consideration when designing and developing the websites.

  • Successful Vinayakwebsite will submit the fixed design and will respond to Client feedback and refine the design
  • Websites should be fully compatible to 1024x 768 screen resolutions
  • Colors and images will be chosen according to fix selected design by Clients.
  • The logo of Hotel will be present on the homepage be and visible at all times during a use of website..

Update and maintenance of website

Successful Vinayakwebsite will allow rights to update the website by Hotel and will update and maintain as and when asked by the Client. Successful Dogma will maintain the site on contract basis for one year.

Details Required For Website

  • 1. Name of the Hotel with address(Strictly as per affiliation sanction Letter or as permitted by the Board) with pin code NO.
  • 2. Contact details including Email Id, Phone Number and address
  • 3. Vision, Mission and Hotel philosophy, Message from Director, Principal in about 250 words
  • 4. Details of Hotel managing committee and List of Members of Hotel Managing committee with their address/tenure and post held.
  • 5. Photos of few Hotel events, director, principal and Hotel Logo
  • 6. Latest news, achievement from Hotel in bullet points
  • 7. Information pertaining to affiliation status, Hotel recognized authority details,
  • 8. Details of Hotel infrastructure
  • 9. Details of Menu Structure
  • 10. Details of Staff and salary being paid by the Hotel
  • 11. Facilities details
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