Media Player

Visual Basic

Nikita Media Player is a program to play media files . Currently the program has two available languages​​, Portuguese and English, but if anyone wants some more language, just translate one of the files in the “Languages ​​” folder and rename the new file with the new language that the program will translate it automatically. The user can also customize the color used by the program . It is possible to create multiple playlists, and manipulate them (rename , delete …). To add files you can use the menu (by clicking on the program icon in the upper left corner of the program , or by clicking the right mouse button on the button bar of the player) to add directories , folders or files . You can also drag the playlist to your explorer program files . You can also select a file from your computer and ask for it to be played with ” Nikita Media Player ” that the program will detect instances and play the file automatically. When playing a music file is possible to display album art ( if available ) or see “Battery ” view . It is also possible to view the player as normal or compact view mode. Shop online to watch free movies. Listening podcasts. Thank U



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