Medical Shop Management

Medical Shop Management System is an application project developed for medical shops. This system is a field concerned with purchasing and selling medicines, maintaining their inventory, generating sales invoices and generating reminders of expiry date about medicines. It requires more time and effort when all procedures are performed manually.

Thus, in order to reduce time consumption and human effort the Medical Shop Management System application can be applied in medicals where manual procedure exists. The purpose of this project is to reduce time consumption and human effort. This application provides user friendly interface as well.

Languages to be used

Front end: VB.Net 2008

Back end: SQL Server 2008

Modules of Medical Shop Management System:

  1. Login: Using this module user enters user name and password and the system checks whether it is valid. If it is valid user can log in, otherwise invalid user name and password message is displayed.
  2. Purchase: This module allows purchasing medicines from the supplier. It contains fields such as batch number, manufacture date, expiry date, company name, etc.
  3. Sales module: This module consists of customer sales information. When sale is made proper fields in the sale form should be filled such as patient name, address, doctor’s name, medicine details etc.
  4. Stock module: This module manages the inventory. Stock is updated when purchase, sale or replace is made.
  5. Medicine: This module consists of information of medicines available in the Medical.
  6. Organize: This module allows the user to store medicine in an organized manner. So that the distributor can find the required medicines effortlessly.
  7. Employee: Using this module the user can add employee name, update his details and generate payrolls with great ease.
  8. Report generation: Using this module user can generate different kinds of reports such as sales details, purchase details, etc.

Download Project Source code: