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An employment website is a web site that deals specifically with employment or careers. Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards. Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, and describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position.

Websites providing information and advice for employees, employers and job seekers

Although many sites that provide access to job advertisements include pages with advice about writing résumés and CVs, performing well in interviews, and other topics of interest to job seekers there are sites that specialise in providing information of this kind, rather than job opportunities. One such is Working in Canada. It does provide links to the Canadian Job Bank. However, most of its content is information about local labour markets (in Canada), requirements for working in various occupations, information about relevant laws and regulations, government services and grants, and so on. Most items could be of interest to people in various roles and conditions including those considering career options, job seekers, employers and employees.



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  • February 6, 2016 at 5:08 am

    I want to Developed a Job Portal please suggest me how much cost will be bear to us.

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