Online Booking System

Our Internet Booking Engine links your reservation system with the Internet to create an online booking system. The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) makes your products become available online in your existing web site An internet booking engine allows a customer to specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date and class of travel. Once this information is received, the IBE will offer a list of available air tickets, hotels and excursions which the customer can then book.

Benefits of Online Booking Service

1.) Saves valuable time and reduces costs of Organization
Availability check and instant confirmations eliminate email exchanges between guests and your reservations department. Valuable reservations staff time is saved because reservation requests will no longer have to be processed. Guests can check availability and book instantly, thus closing a booking without having to wait for your reservations staff to confirm the reservation by email.

2.) No third party involvement
All reservations system will be only under your control.

3.) Reliable and efficient
This system is easy to follow and auto-generated emails saves time!

4.) You can beat your competitors
With the growing trend towards Internet-based bookings across the industry, online bookings from websites are increasing dramatically. With Online Booking Manager products you are at the forefront of this industry bookings trend.

5.) Instant answers to their availability inquiries

6.) Professional, instant automatic e-mail confirmation

7.) The ability to book anytime, from anywhere with Internet access

8.) Easy access to your special offers and promotion