Online Shopping Cart

The Online shopping cart allows customers to purchase items through online by placing the items in the shopping cart. This is a reliable, secure shopping site developed using JSP.Using this software, companies can improve the efficiency of their services. This allows users to make payment through online. The customer must add all the products in the cart before purchasing the items.

This web application helps customer to find different books, their chapters, syllabus and new books easily. Admin can add different types of categories and list of the books.

Online Shopping Cart: The main purpose of this project to help the users to shop online rather than manually. There are 2 types of users. Admin and the customer. Admin has the authority to add the details of each product into the cart which is ready for sale. He/she can also add the price of each product and the number of stocks available per product. He/she can also edit or delete the details added. Customer has to register first to use the system.

Initially they have to provide their personal details and choose username and password to log in to the system. After logging into the system, the customer can view all the products added by the admin. They can load the products depending upon the category. The products will be available in different rates and in different colors and in different sizes. If the customer likes the product and chooses to buy, he/she can add the product into the shopping cart. They can add as many products into the cart. They can also remove any product from the cart. The total amount will be calculated depended upon the products price and Number of quantity added to the cart. The customer can either choose to pay the cash on delivery or through credit cards.

This software uses the programming Language PHP. And the database used here is MySQL. This software is useful for the users to shop online. There are two different types of users. First is the Admin. The initial role of admin is to maintain the high level of the software. He/she has the right to enter the master details like the name of the product, color of the product available, number of stocks available, actual price, discounted price and the delivery charge. The delivery charge can be free too. He/she must also resolve the queries asked by the customer. Next the role of the customer is to purchase the items they like. To do this first they need to enter the site name into the URL and then click on refresh. All the available items will be displayed in the page. If he/she likes the item, they can add it to the shopping cart. The shopping cart can hold as many items selected by the customer. It can hold none or any number of items. The customer can also remove the items from the cart by clicking on the delete option. The shopping cart not only displays the items selected but also the displays the actual price, discount price and the delivery charge if any giving the total amount to be paid. If the customer likes to purchase the items from the cart, he/she must click on purchase to which it will directly direct to payment page. Here the payment can be done either through cards or cash on delivery. If the payment is through cards, very confidentially the card number has to be entered. The app gives complete assurance and safety for your card number. Once the amount is deducted from the card, a notification will be sent either to your mobile number or to the email id for further confirmation. If the payment mode is cash on delivery, the cash will be directly placed to the delivery persons hand after the delivery of the items you purchased. The address to the item has to be shipped must be specified.
Below link directs to the sample code of Online Shopping Cart. For the actual code, please email us. Depending upon the software you have chosen, a quotation will be sent to your email id. A complete support will be provided by our team after the purchase. Any queries, will be resolved by our team.

Project title:

Online Shopping Cart

Front End : JSP

Back ENd: MySQL Server

Book Category Module – Admin can create different categories in this module
Book Module – Admin can add different books in this module.
Search Book module – Customer can search list of the books in this module.
Registration module – Customer can register their profile in this module.
Login Module – Customer can login by entering login id and password in this module.
Admin Dashboard module – Admin Dasbhoard which has full rights to manage complete settings of the website.

Download Project code: