School Website

Vinayakwebsite provides websites for schools, school website design and development.

This special school website solution provides a large range of sections and functionality. This allows the school to enjoy all the benefits of a professional website right from the start, plus the option to add sections later as school needs change.

Vinayakwebsite now includes the School which means your school can communicate directly to parents smartphones in one easy step. School sends information such as school alerts, cancellations, news items, school notices, event updates, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds.

  • A school website with professional graphic design for your school.
  • A school website with professional navigation structure to aid in finding information.
  • A school website with a simple method to update information such as words and pictures with our easy to use Content Management System. No additional software required.
  • A school website offering a range of mini-websites for departments, faculties, years and classes.
  • A school website offering a vehicle for communicating to both parents and the community.
  • A school website that allows a range of different administration people to look after separate areas of the website.
  • A school website that automatically integrates with the Skoolbag app for widespread communication.
  • A school website system that allows the website to grow as the needs of the school change from year to year.
  • A school website system to make payments to the school online.
  • A school website document / homework management system that can be access from outside the school through a secure login.
  • Full training and ongoing support is provided by iimage.
  • Over 100 individual sections.
  • Over 1000 individual pages.

Website Designing Process

From start to finish we will work closely with you to design and build your website. We have a simple step-by-step process that keeps you informed each step of the way.

Step 1 – Discuss Your Needs

We will talk with you about your needs, what you wish to achieve etc.  We will offer ideas and suggestions towards a solution to achieve your goals.

Step 2 – We Provide a Written Quote

Next we will provide you with a written proposal with a fixed price which you can evaluate and discuss at you end.  Further discussion and adjustments of the proposal can be carried out if required.

Step 3 – Your Order Confirmation

When you confirm your acceptance of our proposal and confirm your website order we will book in your project.  We will send you the invoice for which we require payment in advance.

Step 4 – Graphic Design

Once we have received your payment we can start on the graphic design of your website. Your website design will be crafted by our professional graphic designers to create a design that is unique for your school and will make your website really stand out.

We will work closely with you during the design process so that you get that great result you are looking for. We will use your school logo and colours in the design to create consistency with your existing branding and marketing material.

We will discuss any particular needs you have in terms of design styles or preferences and take that into account for your website design. We will confirm what sections you require in your website and what navigation system will work best for your website.

We will email you the design that we create for your website. This allows you to look it over and discuss amongst yourselves etc. You can then advise us of your approval to proceed with this design or advise us of any adjustments needed. We will then email back the revisions etc.

Step 5 – Building the Website

After you have approved the final versions of your design we will proceed to build your website using the approved design. Your new website will be displayed for you to see online in our Development Area, but will not be viewable to other people at this point. This allows us to work with you to insert the information and pictures using the Content Management System.  We will provide you training via phone conference on how to use the Content Management System.

Step 6 – Going Live

Once you are happy that the information and pictures are all OK, you can advise us that the website is ready to go “live”. We will then “switch it on” by connecting the website to your Domain Name to allow the public to view your website.

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