Student Information System

In today’s age managing information is proper way is one of the most important challenge. This process will not only display the exact result but also reduce the processing and retrieving time. Storing and maintaining student records is one of the most challenging task as information of any particular student is share by various department under any particular institutions, colleges, schools, universities etc. So there must be some mechanism to identify the correct person to access that particular data of a particular student. The departments or sections under student information will accessed are: – Transportation, Teaching, Account, Hostel, Canteen, Mess and Library. Student Information System project will also be used for other various purpose such as for laundry billing, stationary billings, medical billings etc. To share data between different persons, there will be three type of users who can access these information’s and they are: – Admin, Teachers and student itself.

Admin will able to add, update or delete teachers and students. It will able to able to add properties and authorities to particular teachers. Teachers will keep track of student attendance, health history, assignment details, exam performance details etc. Student will able to see their basic information’s, fee status, exam results, exam performance, assignment details and many more. If any particular student is not leaving in hostel, then in this case, there home page screen will look different with different functions.
Current Student Information System
Under existing Student Information System project, students do not able to get the facility of online assignment so that student can access their assignment from any location using internet. Current system is not able to record communication between student and teachers. Current Student Information System project is not able to provide a special portal for direct communication between their parents. Students cannot check their bills and verify by itself and list of facilities they have taken by the authority for which they have been charged. Students cannot able to edit or make to changes to their basic information’s. One another important feature that is not present in the current system is :- student information that include its physical information such as its blood group, parents contact number, address, medical details, medical checkup history, recent physical problems faced by the student and medicines taken by the student which can play a vital role during any emergency.