Use Grid To Show Listing Reports

How sweet is it to change the presentation of reports?,Its getting boring to create all the reports on crystal report including the listing reports , we take much of our time designing on crystal report .One there is challenge of columns not fitting,second the issue of fonts,third is the formulas and the sucking bit is downloading crystal report itself. Imagine how easy it would be to have a system that has listing reports inform of grids, you can easily create stored procedures and views and just call them to display data in grid form. This is so cool that if you want to make any changes you don’t need to go again through your code but just adjust your stored procedure.
This has driven me to tryout the idea using this simple project which i used NORTHWND database ,and since its free sql database you can download it and enjoy the vast skill hidden in that database from functions,stored procedures and views. Database can be fun if you know how to play with it.