AGMARK is a certification mark of the government of India which is given to agricultural product confirming to scientifically laid down quality standards Products which can be under agmark certification:- Honey .Ghee, Butter Chilies, Turmeric, Curry powder, Garam Masalas, Cardamom, Cumin, Coriander and other curry powders. Vegetable Oils Spices, Wheat, Atta, Maida, Suji, Besan, Pulses and many more items required by customers

Requirement of Agmark Application Proceedings


 Copy of test report which should be authenticated from independent Agmark recognized laboratory.
 Document which are related to authentication of your firm such as Registration by Company Registrar
 Name of the products .
 Name of the applicant
 Name of the Firm/ Company
 Address of the Firm/ Company
 Sample of the product(in pouch of 500gm.1kg.
 Started Time period of product(specify exact Date/Month/year)
 Total gross product in K.g.(for last year)