Design registration allows the designer of a product to protect the way the product looks. Most commonly, registered designs are used to protect the three-dimensional visual appearance of a given product, often referred to as the product’s shape and/or configuration. In addition, a design registration can also protect the two-dimensional visual appearance of a product, often referred to as the product’s pattern/ornamentation.


There are a number of benefits of registering your design. Some of these are listed below

 Exclusive rights in your design
 A Registered Design grants exclusive rights in the look and appearance of your product. You can stop people making, offering, putting on the market, importing, exporting, using or stocking for those purposes, a product to which your design is applied.
 Protect all aspects of your design
 Design Registration protects the overall look of the whole or a part of your design. You can claim protection for the shape of a product, a two-dimensional surface pattern or graphic design, or a combination of the two.
 Long period of protection
 Registered Designs can be renewed every 5 years up to a total of 25 years.
 Easier to enforce
 The existence of your registration may be enough to stop anyone infringing your design irrespective of whether they copied or came up with the design independently.
 Make money from your design
 A registered design allows you to sell your design and the intellectual property (IP) rights to it; or licence somebody else to use your design whilst you retain the IP rights.



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