IEC Code is unique 10 digit code issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to Indian Companies. IEC Code is mandatory. No person/Business can make any Import or Export without IEC Code Number. It is your first requirement for starting import/export business in India. IEC is not required when we Import/export of goods for personal use, which is not connected with trade, manufacture or agriculture, Import/export by government ministries and departments, and certain notified charitable organizations need not IEC Number.

Who requires IEC Code?

All the international transactions or trade must be registered in Import Export Code IEC covers Freelancers, individuals, companies etc.

Uses of IEC Code

 IEC forms are primary required document for recognition by Government of India as an Exporter/Importer.
 By Registering IEC Code company can obtain various benefits on their exports/imports from DGFT, Customs, Export Promotion Council etc.



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