RFID Based Security System

This RFID Based Security System project aimed to develop a wireless system to detect and allow only the authorized persons inside office, factories, etc. Now a days its is very commonly used in Office, BPO companies, Banks, Insurance companies, etc. An RFID system consists of a reader device and a transponder. This project is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and consists of a passive RFID tag. After inserting Tag ID to RFID kit it receives decodes and checks the information available in its Database or not. Each persons Tag ID contains with unique numbers.

Project title: RFID Based Security System

Note: This is electronics project. You need to purchase RFID card and RFID card reader to develop this project.

What is RFID card and RFID card reader?
RFID Card reader reads the unique number from the RFID cards and sends it to the microcontroller.

Advantages of RFID Based Security System:

1. This project can be used in Office, BPO companies, Banks, Insurance companies, etc.

2. This security system can be implemented in industry or educational institutes



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