How to Stop the Effect of the Computer Screen on the Eye?

If you work on the laptop or computer screen to see. If you’re not working on it, looking at the tablet or smartphone respond to emails or watching a video on the run.

Now make anything, without looking at the screen, but not difficult to work in the digital world is impossible. Eye care is so important.

Let us show you a few ways. If you have one of these daily habits after a while it will surely benefit.
The first thing that needs to look at the computer screen and the distance between the eyes should be at least 18-30 inches. If you put on your screen filter anti-Glear be wonderful for the eyes. Please try the computer monitor is not under any light.

Please save your eyes from drying second. Then your eyes shall see toward the bottom of the screen will be great. But when your eyes start to feel dry, then more BLINK eyes. Keep eyes wet with eye drops if necessary. People who put them in contact lens of the eye may feel more dry.

Doctors recommend that every twenty minutes to remove eyes from the screen for twenty seconds time. Take a little off for approximately 15-20 seconds.
In addition, every two hours after your work is important to the 15-minute break. It gets your eyes off the screen and get them comfortable.

Computer, tablet and smartphone use at work is important for those, get your eyes checked every year.

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