WhatsApp on your Photos are Safe?

WhatsApp we all share. Your photos, videos, messages and even photos of your important documents.

All these ‘pictures’ are sent around the world, the assumption is that there is no problem in sending such.

But such personal information to WhatsApp to send correct and safe? WhatsApp security you ever tried to find out about?
WhatsApp say that your photos, videos, messages and photos of documents every time he tries to keep hackers out of sight.

Those messages are sent over the network, whatever, they are encrypted and the message may not look like anyone else’s hands. This means that you send the message, they are transformed into digital code, so they’re safe.

WhatsApp suggest that whenever you are sending personal information on the platform, then send them via open Wi-Fi networks. Have an eye on a network of hackers and you can get into trouble.

WhatsApp also say that you do not have any photos or messages on its server. He then puts the message on your server, as long as he does not deliver the message.
30 days if he does not deliver the message, it is deleted from the server.

If you’re using Wi-Fi Airport hackers may look at your smartphone data. Who sent you the message, he appeared a little carelessness may be at risk even if your data.

An open theft of data being sent over the network to be most at risk.

WhatsApp security to protect your data should be sure to lock the phone. Reverse image search on Google and you can be aware of the picture, where it has been used.
So be careful enough before giving information about themselves online.

WhatsApp phonebook of your album photos to others, you should refrain from appearing. IPhone the ‘Privacy’ in the ‘Photos’ can prevent this by choosing. But Android phones to choose the file to your smartphone, you will have to use the file manager app.

Then for WhatsApp images and video will make a .nomedia file. WhatsApp photos from your phone book, then others will not.
If you are sending personal information on WhatsApp, the most should be careful.

WhatsApp on any financial information should never be sent. If would be better to give them any information you give this information by calling.