#10 Important Tips for Youtube

YouTube is one of the internet’s best sites. Listen to songs, videos, movies or other programs, etc. from checking proves helpful in learning something new. We have introduced 12 such tricks to you, you have a lot of work. Some tricks that will teach you how to slow connections can be viewed without a video to YouTube that will tell you how to easily use some of the

How to download videos from YouTube .
1- There are many websites designed to help you download YouTube videos can be. One of them is SaveFrom.Net. Either you go to this site or directly to YouTube and paste the URL in the URL, please press Enter to add ss youtue before.

Option SaveFrom.Net will come directly open and download. (See a picture of a red line below)


TubeMate video or download songs over the phone if you want to download the app. Google does not allow you to download your videos, so it is not available on the Play Store. You have to download it from other sources.

2. mp3 songs download, how?

If you wish to download music tracks in any video or www.youtube-mp3.org on http://peggo.co/ visit. To paste the URL of the audio track on the video can be downloaded in mp3 format.scr_1411480989-700x441

3. How to tell what song is playing in the video?

Sometimes ringing in the background of videos like music or singing is great. How to find out what song is this? Www.MooMa.sh extremely easy way to go to Forms and paste the URL of the video, please. This will tell the search page which is music.Screenshot

4. Change how the speed of the video?

The video below will show you the right corner of the settings option. Click on it. You will speed up the option. Speed ​​at which the video is running, the Choose.

5. How to make a GIF from video?

At the beginning of YouTube Uarl Gif Please press Enter to add. You shall go to the website YouTube to GIF. Here you can select how much the length of the video to make a GIF.

6. How to Slow connection setting?

If your connection is slow and YouTube automatically changes accordingly, even though the quality of the video buffer in small settings, you can take time. Click the Playback Accoutns go to. Or directly
Open www.youtube.com/account_playback. Choose whether you want the settings.

7. AutoPlay on or off

You have seen today that a video after the next video automatically becomes free. If you want to turn off this setting is visible in the playlist on the right side, turn off AutoPlay. See the picture.

8. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many routes to use keyboard shortcuts. See:

K = Pause or Play
J = 10 seconds to rewind
L = 10 seconds to advance
M = sound off
= 0 at the beginning of the video to go
1 to 9, 10 to 90 per cent of the number of press time Vijio will reach.

9. How to use the full screen mode or the theater?

Theater to see the video in full screen mode or the lower right corner of the video, click on youtube1the visible rectangular buttons. See the picture, as well as the settings button.

10. How to keep your activities private?

There are times you see on YouTube, she may appear on your channel or profiles. What do you see, what did Like, no one can see it, go to the Privacy settings, go to Accounts. You can hide from what channels you are subscribed. .