Online Car Selling Site



This is one of my university semester projects. This is my car selling project. The logic behind this site is that user make first his account then he will select cars he want to buy. The cars came from database and only those cars he want to buy. He will then select a car, enter his credit card. When he clicks buy button, it will first verify weather it has sufficient amount in bank or not. Then the car will reserve for him and deliver to him on his address.

In This Project You Will Learn;

1: Sign Up (Database)
2: Login (Database)
3: Database Connectivity.
4: Calling Database Procedure.
5: Email Sending.
6: Message Sending To Mobile ( API is used but now it is expired.)
7: Image Retrieval From Database (Path From Database and Image at that path)
8: Rules Of Transaction.
9: Passing User Name From One Web Page To Another Webpage.
10: Session Handling (Well I’m noob in that case. 🙁 )
11: Credit Card Numbers Are Give As A Photo.
12: Don’t Mind For Old And Rusty Cars, My job is to implement it.
13: You Must Have SQL Server 2008 R2 To Run This Project.
14: Change Connection String (Hope You Know DB connectivity strings)