Free GST Software For Your Business (My-Shop)

When your business runs on feature rich “My-Shop (GST -Enable)”, Life becomes extremely simple. My-Shop (GST -Enable) has been especially designed to help you eliminate the complexities in different kinds of business operations like organizing your financial accounts, Stock, I & J Forms,GST-Enable, Vat Reports With E-Filing, Production Processes, Single Vat / Multi Vat Billing, TDS Reporting, VAT E-filing and many more.

With “My-Shop (GST -Enable)”, you need to ensure the accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and statements will be generated automatically.

My-Shop (GST -Enable) Provides upto date information at your fingertips, keeping you better informed, helping you make quicker business decisions

Salient Features

  • GST-Enable/VAT E – Filing
  • Comprehensive Financial Accounting (With or without inventory).
  • Complete Inventory Management (GST-Enable/Single Vat / Multi VAT)
  • Unlimited Billing Formats (User configurable billing formats)
  • Export or email any report in any format e.g. PDF, Excel, MS Word, HTML,
  • User defined Additional Fields In Items
  • Powerful Discount Setting Feature that enables you to create a number of discounts applicable in sale/purchase
  • Home Screen which shows your business’s outlook every time on your desktop.
  • Powerful Sale / Purchase Analysis
  • User can switch on / off software features as per trade requirements.
  • Default Bill Sundry Settings to enable fast entry.
  • Window Based / DOS Based Printing
Free Software Download