Cashew Industry Management

This Cashew Industry Management System is developed for managing the industry’s daily production details, stock maintenance, salary details and employee details, managed by office workers and administrator. This software system allows administrator to control the entire system including database maintenance for adding a new employee, employee wage payment, supplier details. As well as this software keeps track of work done by each employee in each section & inventory maintenance.


Front end:   VB.NET

Back end:    SQL server


Windows XP or above.

Visual Studio 2010.

SQL server 2008.


The project contains the following modules:

Admin module: This module includes the login module and sub modules.

Supplier modules: To manage suppliers, such as add new supplier or remove an existing one.

Employee module: To manage employees, such as add new employee or remove an existing one.

Labor: To manage payment for the employees such as wages, bonus & leave wages & national holiday wages (NHS) etc.

User module: This module includes login module and the sub modules.

Raw cashew: This module includes two sub modules. I.e. Import and domestic, for the raw cashews purchased. This module also includes drying of domestically purchased cashew nuts.

Steam roasting: Here the cashews are roasted to make the shell brittle and loosen the kernel from inside of the shell.

Shelling: It is the process in which kernels are separated from the shell.

Hot chamber: Here the cashew kernels subjected to the process for a specified time which removes the moisture from kernels.

Peeling: In this process in which husk and other secondary constituents are separated from cashew kernels.

Grading: Here the kernels after removing the skin in peeling process are graded according to size and quality.

Filling: Packing the graded kernels and labeling each of them for the respective grade is done here. This mainly forms the favorable product image in the market.

Inventory: This module keeps track of available raw cashew nuts and ready to sell cashews in the industry.

Billing: To keep track & produce sales details.

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