A bar code is Series of black bars and white spaces of varying widths are printed on labels to uniquely identify items. The bar code labels can be read by bar-code reader which interprets the code into numbers and letters Bar-codes contains specific product related information. It basically encodes alphanumeric characters and symbols using black and white stripes, also called bars.

Benefits of Bar-code ?

 By using bar-code there is less chances for human error.
 It is fast and accurate it takes less time to enter data in database..
 Bar-codes are inexpensive to design and print.
 Bar-codes can be used for any type of information collection.
 Inventory control improves. Because bar-codes make it possible to track inventory so precisely, inventory levels can be reduced. This translates into a lower overheard. The location of equipment can also be tracked, reducing the time spent searching for it, and the money spent replacing equipment that is presumed lost.
 By using bar-code we can get reliable data for a wide variety of application.
 Because bar-code provide accurate data that it is possible to take a decision based on this data and a good decision definitely saves time and money so we can say indirectly it increases productivity of an organization.