What is CMS? A content management system is a software or system is used to manage website It is useful for non technical users who want to add, edit and delete content of website. Content Management System is not only used in content editing but also useful in keeping track on users, checking authentication etc.

There are 2 components of CMS:
2.) Content Management Application (CMA):-It is Editing component.
3.) Content Delivery Application (CDA):-It is Publishing component.

Functions of CMS:-
1. Create contents of website
2. Manage contents of Website
3. Publish Contents of Website
4. Presentation of contents


Benefits of CMS
1- It helps to keep your website contents updated,So numbers of visitors can be increase because of this updated information about your products and services.
2- You need not get proper training of website designing and pay to designer for website updation,you can easily change your website according to your requirement so you can maintain your website at lower cost.
3- It is easy to add and manage content on sites like editing pages, linking web pages to a certain domain, updating content, uploading images, multimedia and much more.
4- It has strong security system,only owner of the website can control the website.
5- Content Management system takes less time to publish content of the website it works smoothly.
6- It provides Search engine friendly contents so your website will be on the top of the google list because of your contents.