Cheap Chinese Phone can be in Danger

If you are thinking of buying a cheap smartphone are used or if it is necessary to be a little careful. Shiomi cheap phone and Huawei are making a global name. It’s loaded with features like smartphone customers are quite liked.
The report ( Recently it has been found that the handsets made in China over security may be at risk. If a hacker to find a phone that could be dangerous for you.
Let us explain the whole thing. Taiwan-based MediaTek products running on the system on a chip set, which are installed in a smartphone. MediaTek in 2013 was nearly 22 million systems were created on a chip. MT6582 chip is used in the name of cheap smartphones, Lenovo and Huawei’s smartphone, which is used quite a bit.

MT6582 is a debug settings that work in different companies is designed to test. But now it has become a threat. If you have access to the debug settings hackers root access to your smartphone so they can reach the phone they can control.
Lenovo and Huawei’s smartphone could be particularly affected by this security problem. But in this case there is no blame.
If your smartphone is the brand Take full information about it. The Jismarina ( name go on the website. ‘Platform’ when you go there you will find information about the chipset. ‘Settings’ Go to ‘About Phone’ will be found in the version of Android. Then you have to decide what you would like to.
If the smartphone is out of date, you may be thinking of buying a new phone.