Aadhaar Card PVC Software

Magic Aadhaar  is the most versatile Aadhaar Printing Tool available for Microsoft Windows.
It transforms the Aadhaar PDF file into a CR80 sized card, as per UIDAI standards.

Brief Features of the software:

  1. Get exactly the same output as it shows in E-Aadhaar PDF.
  2. All kinds of PDFs (UIDAI/UCL/ECMP/CSC), whether old or new format are accepted.
  3. Auto Generate Password Protected MIS reports for taking the Print Count & Waste Card Count from each individual system user.
  4. 100% readable QR Code (Front) & 1D Barcode (Back) after printing on the card.
  5. All Text is printed using K Panel of the ribbon (YMCKO-KO-Half Panel).
  6. Online registration & de-registration of the software module.
  7. Automatic Updates enabled for the application.
  8. No need of internet connection to operate the software.
  9. Option to remotely disable the license key of any unauthorized user.
  10. The most efficient software in terms of processing time (< 10 Secs/PDF).
  11. Best quality of print output in its class.
  12. Multiple language options.
  13. Now, you can even print directly on a Paper Printer to reduce investments cost.
  14. Universal Setup file for all ID Card Printer brands. Just select the Brand name during the installation process.
  15. Lifetime validity of License Key.